Time to stop?

As my hearing is so bad that I have a cochlear implant, I am amazed that I have been able to cope with the course to reach Level 2 lesson 10. However because I have problems with phones, video links etc there are things I’m unable to do. So what I want to know is, is it worth me carrying on.? I found the speed of the last lesson quite challenging!


Hi Jackie. Yes definitely worth carrying on. No need to stop. It sound like you’ve been doing great. SSi is well known for helping students to overcome various hurdles. It’s my guess they they will be able guide you through any difficulties.

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Is it the high speed lesson, when you aren’t actually expected to understand everything, even with the most functioning auditory system? Try the next lesson, and you’ll see it’s not like that all the time. Do carry on. :blush:

No, Margaret. It’s other things eg. Exchanging sentences with a Welsh speaker/learner. I can’t do this via phone or video link & in the midst of this pandemic I can’t go in search of someone locally! So I just get a bit frustrated!! I shall probably carry on because I enjoy it. Thanks very much for trying to help. Diolch yn Fawr iawn!!


Do carry on…

Do carry on Jackie. When we come through this difficult time and there’s chance to meet up in person, there will be lots of opportunities to use your Welsh then. In the meantime, keep on enjoying it and expanding your vocabulary. You are clearly doing very well.

Carry on Jackie. You’ve done so well to get that far already. I found I couldn’t do all the practising that I was supposed to do; I tried on the phone but it was really difficult and I couldn’t go to Wales because of the restrictions. It was even difficult finding somewhere to do the challenges with everyone locked down in the house! If you’re able to listen to Radio Cymru or watch S4C, that helps, but if you keep going, you’ll be ready to speak when we all get the chance to meet up again. Pob lwc!

Thanks for your encouragement, Clare!

Thanks, Rhian. I’ll undoubtedly carry on for a while. I think I just hit a bad spor when I wrote asking if I should!.

Jackie… you’re not by any chance - not to give away any too personal details - “Lucy’s Jackie”? It’s the implant that made me wonder. If you are - Susanne here at Canal House!

I don’t think so, Suzanne but then I suppose it’s possible!!! Canal in Brecon?!

No, Llangattock. Diolch am yr ateb anyway, and good luck with your learning!

Hi Jackie,

I used the course before these additional tasks were sent out and it still worked really well! (I’m hard of hearing but not as restricted as you describe)
Obviously, if you can manage any of them it’ll help, but they aren’t essential. So carry on, you’ve done so well already!


:+1: Diolch!

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