Time between the English and Welsh bits

Aran, thanks very much for this course - it is just what I’ve been looking for for
years! It is generally going swimmingly (up to lesson 4 now), but just one
question: is it possible to make an overall adjustment to the time between
the English and Welsh bits? One of your emails recommends trying to do
without the pause button, but other than for short phrases I just can’t get
the Welsh bits in in time, and the pressure to do so makes my mind go blank!

Thanks again, Sally


What I do when the sentence is in two halves as such, is to start speaking Welsh whilst Aran is still saying the end of the English. It gives me enough time and I still manage to catch what Aran says for the second half.

Not quite the answer to your question, but a possible work around :slight_smile:

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Croeso, @Sally! I’m just a few lessons ahead of you, so when I read Aran’s suggestion about not pressing pause, I’m still a bit skeptical, but am happy to report that that skepticism fades with each passing challenge. Echoing what others have said elsewhere, it does get easier as you progress.

Here’s my understanding of what happens as we complete a challenge: our conscious mind is generally not happy with the attention our subconscious mind is receiving, so the timing between the bits has been intentionally designed to tip the scale in the subconscious mind’s favor (even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.) I find completing a menial task that doesn’t require abstract thinking and that is also visually stimulating to be a great way to help distract the conscious mind. Driving on a motorway without a lot of traffic, riding a stationary bike, taking a walk through the woods have been my go-to activities. Whereas, sitting at my desk with my eyes closed, trying out a new recipe, or sorting laundry have only resulted in more frustration. :wink: The added benefit of doing something else simultaneously is that you are physically less able to reach the pause button!

The reality is also that no one on here will judge you for hitting the pause button (judgement is reserved for those who hit the stop button altogether!) I’ve also found that I do not get zapped if I hit pause. Try as I might, I still press pause button on occasion–only now I tend to wait until after the second repetition of the answer. Then I pause to take a short rest in which I try not to think about anything in or about Cymraeg. If you’re like me, you’ll get to the point in a few challenges where you think the break between some bits (especially the most common phrases that get used) feel a bit too long. Not that every break will feel that way, but some will!

Pob lwc a dal ati!


Thank you Matthew and Rachel - I will try out your suggestions! Sally

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I’d comment on here, but Rachel and Matthew have already said everything that matters… :sunny:

Well done for getting off to a good start, Sally, and well done for bringing the question on here - people who ask when they’re not sure consistently become some of our strongest learners (and you’re also helping other people who have the same question but wouldn’t be brave enough to ask on the forum) :star: :star2: