Thoughts on new level 1 course

Noswaith dda pawb.
Just wanted to share my experiences so far with my 2nd time round with ssiw. I’d previously completed the old course 1 but hit bit of a wall with my learning in course 2.

I started again about a month ago and have nearly completed the new level 1. As good as the old course was I’d say this one is somehow even better! I particularly like the new daily listening activities. Although I didn’t until today! When listening to listening practice 4 today I realised I was actually picking up more of the language than I wasn’t. It was an incredible feeling to go from picking up the odd word to whole sentences all of a sudden.

So a big diolch yn fawr, I’ve never been more motivated with my learning. Even after a long day at work the first thing I want to do now is complete a lesson!


A magical moment, llongyfarchiadau i chdi!



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