This is a good yn

A list of phrases all starting with Yn.

Yn barod already

Yn bendant definitely

Yn bendant dim definitely not

Yn benna mainly

Yn ddiweddar recently

Yn enwedig especially

Yn erbyn against

Yn gwmws precisely

Yn gyfangwbwl completely

Yn gywir truly

Yn hytrach na rather than

Yn lle instead of

Yn ogystal (â) as well, also

Yn ôl back. ago

Yn union exactly

Yn ymyl beside

Yn ystod during

Yn amlach more often

Yn fwy na dim more than anything

Yn awr ac yn y man now and again


Hi Rob, fantastic list as usual, very useful.


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Diolch Rob. Some new ones there for me

Diolch Rob

Useful. Diolch.

This is really helpful , diolch Rob. I get particularly confused over the use of ‘yn’. During the course, it still seems very random to me and I can never ‘second guess’ where it should or should’t be used. Is there a general rule for this? Any help at all on this would be most welcome. I am currently on level 2, challenge 10…

It will seem random because there are actually 3 types of ‘yn’ and they do different jobs.
The first comes before a verbnoun when you construct a sentence using the verb bod at the beginning, e.g. mae’r ci yn cysgu (the dog is sleeping)
The second comes before nouns and adjectives and causes a soft mutation e.g. mae’r ci yn gysglyd (the dog is sleepy), mae’r ci yn frithgi (the dog is a mongrel)
The third one means ‘in’ when referring to a specific place e.g. mae’r ci yn ei wely (the dog is in his bed)
So although you can have sentences with 3 'yn’s, they will all be doing a different job e.g. roedd y ci yn gysglyd ac rwan mae o’n (o+yn) cysgu yn ei wely (the dog was sleepy and now he is sleeping in his bed)

But don’t worry too much, they’ll slot into place by themselves over time, honest!

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Diolch Siaron
You’ve given me really good clarity on this, which reveals that, while still complicated to get to grips with, there is a logical pattern to it, which just needs to be persevered with in order to master it. Most of all though, your last sentence gives me great confidence in continuing my learning.
Thank you so much, keep well and stay safe…

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