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I’ve searched through the whole forum to decide which thread to bump up, but they’re rather old or they don’t quite match what I’d like to say so I’ll just go and make the new one for this.

First of all: forum went down yesterday (I was thrown out - HAHA) - of it) and when I came back on I have seen exactly why. Whoever of this brilliant staff had the time to do a bit of cosmetical changes (well it probably invloves other tech changes in the background too, no doubt) did great work in deed. It’s tiny difference if you look breafly, but if you look closely there are little good (nice) cnanges like rounded user icons, tiny icons (green, red, orange …) for the forums, BLUE! (thank you for this one, you probably read something I’ve written about green color) of the topics navigation buttons etc, etc. Love all this to the bits and thank you VERY VERY MUCH for this. (Yes, tinny things mean a lot to me, while to others maybe don’t).

But … as “on duty” for finding things (obviously) here’s tinny thingy I’ve just coincidently saw. Post count appearance in the threads and on the topics lists may vary for 1 or even more (I’m not sure). I remeber some post counters (especially for my own topics) and it just “struck” my eye. Picture says it all so here’s combined screenshot of whta I mean.

While post counter in the list shows there’s 221 posts in the topic, when you go into the topic there are 222 (what is correct). However I have to mention here I’ve previously deleted one post and undelete/edited it after a while so it might be this occurs the difference.

I’ve also noticed (quite a while back) that when you look into ones profile there are differences inbetween when last post by one member was posted and the last post actual date/time in the post lists every members profile contains. I came to conclusion that “last post” in the profile data counts private messages too which maybe isn’t that good idea (at least I think so).

Well, since I opened this topic, you can expect some praising findings/experiences I had on this magnificent forum in the future. As I said this forum is unique and I’d like to get people aware of how UNIQUE its MAGNIFICENT way it really is.

Da iawn to all creators and developers! You do (I deliberately won’t say did) superb work!

Oh, but would you mind put :heart: icon for “like” back? I loved this one. - hehe :slight_smile:

(superpower EDIT)
The most useful things in this topic from Post 26 on.


I hadn’t noticed all that, but I did notice that, scrolling down a long topic, when timing gaps occurred there was a note saying number of days!! This might be quite useful.
I see no ‘like’ heart appearing under my post, so Tatjana must have somehow made it come for hers!! I second her request for it to come back!! :heart:


Ahhh, those are tinny BEAUTIFUL bits. Here are more, but first something else I bear in mind might cause some uncertanty and confusion so let’s clear this first.

Well, here’s a picture of what I actually meant:

So that no one would mistakengly think something else than that. It goes STRICTLY to the counters of posts and not the visibility of them.

Now to the tinny shinny things I like.

Look how @aran’s (and everyones else for that matter) appearance shines when clicking on the icon:

Clicking on the picture or name carries you to the profile while clicking on the “Privage message” tab enables you to send private message (PM). Going to the profile page you can see modern (simple and beautiful) design of our profiles

He has one of the most beautiful background pics, that’s why I’ve choosen this one. :slight_smile:

And …

@henddraig, you can’t see :heart: under your post because you can’t like your own posts, but there’s no such little shinny heart anywhere around other posts. There’s “Like” tab button saying “Like” and if there are any likes already it gives you a number of likes one particular post have got. Ahhh, and here is :heart: actually! Look at it!


Da iawn chi! :slight_smile:

Hi all!

I’m delighted that you like the changes, but I’m afraid we really can’t take credit for them - this forum is actually an open-source forum system named Discourse, and last night I upgraded to the latest version :slight_smile: Sorry you got hit by the downtime; I had to do it at some point and figured that the middle of Friday night (in Europe) was as good a time as any…

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hehe I hardly believe anyone was on here but me. :slight_smile: I was happy comming back and see the changes. I’m a bit “unhappy” I can’t give full credits to you for these thingys, but no matter what, you’re the “tech law” here so credits are yours in my eyes. :slight_smile:

I have to admit I never ruled or participated the forums using Discourse system so this is (ummm … well … was) prety new thing to me however you (at least I) can easily happyly get used to it and it becomes the place you never want to leave. :slight_smile:

Still da iawn ti!

Hmmm, found this fingy and saw something about mobile software at the end of the page. Do you think, @Kinetic, there’s an app which would alow you to “enter” for example our forum into it and post-reply-read on mobile device though it? Because I don’t quite agree with what’s written about mobile there. Our forum behaves quite strange on my phone and talbet from time to time though. Just tech question though as I rather come on here though PC, but anyway. :slight_smile:

Thx for your thoughts.

So that’s what it is. I thought it looked a bit different, but I thought I was imagining things!

Da iawn ti Tatjana, for being so observant!

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Well, I’m lingering on here a lot and I many times see things others just pass by …

Well, I found the answer to this, which is prety simple and obvious (ahhhh … obvious things are covered the best …) Post count varies because first post is not a reply but “original post” and it doesn’t count into data on topic list. This counter counts only REPLIES - prety obvious and logical, isn’t it?

So, this one mistery solved. :slight_smile:

Tatjana fach, in the examples you show, all I see are blank squares!! :open_mouth:

Hmmm … now I don’t quite know what you mean? Do you mean there’s no pictures, because I see everything fine. I believe I’ve shared all DropBox links so that pictures can appear here.

I went to look at my tablet how everything is shown on there but it’s also everything fine so I really don’t know what the isue might be.

Mae’n ddrwg gen i!! I sent that last just before I discovered major problems with our internet connection!! (Still on-going, but inconsistent!). Your ‘boxes’ are now full, but I lost all access to this thread for the rest of the time between that post and this!! (I could access other threads, but trying to get this one ‘hung’ everything!!).
There is work going on installing fibre-optic cables out to Islands, notably Islay, and it seems to be playing havoc with everyone’s connections on the mainland!!! Yes, I am in Britain, but areas with low populations have to wait!!!

I believe there’s no difference from our country. Some really distant places (if anything can be distant in Slovenia) don’t even have electricity yet what about internet. Well, but those are rear though.

Some of our islands now have solar panels for electricity!! They had generators before, diesel I think.

Yah, everyone gets their own way around …

@tatjana, I had a search on Google and it seems there may be an Android app for Discourse, according to this thread here: I don’t have an Android phone myself, so I’m not able to try it, but anyone who does, feel free to give it a go. I’m not sure how you’d go about connecting to our forum from within it, but do let me know what seems to happen :smile:

I also saw something referring to an iOS app, but I haven’t been able to find it on either the UK or US app stores…

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Thank you to have a look into it but unfortunately this app no longer exists. The link is “empty”. I went further into browsing the app store a bit but didn’t find anything similar.

I wouldn’t even ask for app, but when I try to write on my phone or tablet it appears as if tabs on browser are covering the upper part of the writing box when you replaying so you can’t see what you’re writing almost at all. The uper (black “ribon” is also moving down and up as you scroll down and the notification, search, menu and profile “tabs” seam to be bugged. I can see upper (menu) bar when I turn tablet or phone as “landscape” format but the writing box appears equally “troubled”.

Well, it’s nothing of a big issue though but anyway. Will post screenshots later when I manage to upload them on my Dropbox.

Here are some screenshots from my tablet but the phone shows exactly the same.

Down the topic …

At the top

Let’s turn this around

And try to write something

And turn around again

Don’t try to read as it’s nothing there (no, it’s not Slovene either. It maybe could be some intergalactic language only I know about) … and, mods and admins, don’t worry, I didn’t spam forum with that but discarded the post when finished screenshoting. :slight_smile:

And (as it should be) the upper bar is moving down while scrolling however menu is still bugged.

Not that one could actually influence on this but it’s interesting appearance since discourse somehow writes on their site it’s totally adapted to mobiles and you need no apps.

I know there’s the way to “hide” browser tabs just like on the computer but I’m quite new to the tablets and some things I just have to learn yet. (my son just taught me how to do screenshots on tablet. - hehe) .

Oh, tech world is fun in deed … :slight_smile:

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Well, things and issues happen (even to me) and I need some help here. Does someone know how to quote parts of one post of the forum on android tablet? (If it’s possible at all)

Diolch yn fawr iawn.

When I mark text with my android mobile, I get a light box suggesting “quote reply”. I did it with this reply.

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I didn’t get one, that’s why I’ve asked. I could mark the text but no matter what I did next it didn’t work as it does on the computer. Must I set something? (Yah for such things and things described in previous posts I believe Discurs should better create an android ap. They’re not totally adapted to mobiles and tablets at all (as they write on the site))

What about if you mark text and copy it to clipboard and then hit that reply button and paste? I vaguely remember doing this and that the text was surrounded with quote tags.