Thinking of trying the 6 month course

I just wondered what a ‘typical’ week on the 6 month course involves task wise.
Is it similar to the challenges in the free Level 1 course and, if so, how many challenges do we need to complete in one week? What else would be involved.
I want to get an accurate feel for what’s really required each week before I decide.

Helo Lisa,

I’ve been doing the 6 month course for four months now. It involves:

  • two challenges per week (it takes me about three runs to move on comfortably to the next one, but others listen to each challenge just once),
  • listening practice beginning with week 3 (starts at 5 minutes a day, now it’s more like 20 minutes a day but I do it in chunks, like an hour a day twice a week),
  • speaking practice (starts with saying 5 sentences every day on your own, moves onto 30 minutes sentence swap with a partner - once so far - in month 4 now),
  • additionally there are hangouts for people doing this structured course (I try to do 2 or 3 a week, meaning 2-3 hours, but they are exteemely valuable and FUN),
  • assortment of random mini tasks that have to do with Welsh music and culture, like listening to radio, music videos or videos from other learners (starts with 5-10 minutes once a week).

Challenges and hangouts take up the most of my time with about 5 hours a week (but I’m sort of slow). The only way for me to fit everything in was to find an activity I had to do anyway and combine it with learning Welsh (I do challenges on my way to work and back).

I also have a feeling that I’m not doing enough since there are just so many recourses (I could have been watching more of S4C or reading more of my magazine for learners). I am extremely happy with my progress anyway (those 30 min convos with a partner are easily manageable now, after just four months of learning!).

You also can fastforward a week or pause by contacting admin.

I hope you can decide easier now. I just took a plunge four months ago and never looked back :slight_smile:

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Hi Irina
Thanks very much for taking the time to give all that information.
I wanted to know as much as possible about what’s involved so I can plan the best time for me to start the course so it fits around my other commitments.
That’s really helped. Diolch!

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