Think I’ve been overly optimistic!

Hi everyone,

From zero Welsh I started learning on Jan 22nd and I’m in the middle of level 3.

I listen on my bike so I can’t press pause and I think that’s how I’ve got so far. My frustration is immense at times and I scream with frustration in the middle of fields.

I’m stuck at the moment and wondered if people could explain so I could understand and maybe move on:

Where do taset/tasen come from?
Why does so mean not? I’m really struggling with the pattern not following what I expected.
How/why does nag make a sentence negative?
Where does awn ni come from? Actually don’t worry about that! Just writing it down I’ve realised it’s obviously the future tense of to go!

Many thanks!


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This is a form of ‘bod’ (to be) - so takes ‘yn’ or ‘wedi’ and indicates the conditional…

'Sen/ Tasen/ Taswn i’n rhedeg… If I were to run…

…and is often paired with a ‘would’ clause in the other half of the sentence eg…bydden/ byddwn i’n rhedeg hefyd - i would run too.

It’s a southern and western way of speeding up the negative present tense, so …

Dw e ddim yn rhedeg…= so fe’n rhedeg
He isn’t running

Nag (nad in a text book) gives you ‘that not’ combined in one word in the middle of a sentence. Once you have your head around it, it’s very neat

Rich :slight_smile:

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