There was no need in the south

I am on lesson 4 of the third course. Not sure if I am hearing correctly.

The sentence is: He said there was no need to push.

Am I hearing, Wid-o-they naGoth eshay oothia? Or Wid-o-they naDoth eshay oothia?

I believe it is “Wedodd e na doedd eisiau gwthio” you are hearing, but like “nagw” and “nadw” in course 1, they’re probably both used in speech. Use the one that feels better for you.

Well, I haven’t listened to the lesson recently, but I think it seems it might be

“Wedodd e nag oedd eisiau wthio.”

(Gwthio, wthio, push, don’t ask me about the mutation and loss of ‘g’ ;-))

Sorry, can’t seem to access the lessons any more, or I would have listened to it!

Diolch. Sometimes I get listening to D and G and have trouble telling the difference. Even more so with V,F, TH and DD!

I did actually go listen to the lesson, because I would’ve naturally went with “nag oedd”, but Iestyn and Cat definitely say “na doedd”.
The mutation after eisiau only appears if the need is with someone, so “na doedd eisiau i ti wthio” (no need for you to push), and “na doedd eisiau gwthio” (no need to push) - if that makes sense…

Diolch yn fawr, Gavin!
That’ll teach me for not listening to the lesson…

Everyone else able to access them then?

Everyone else able to access them then?

What’s happening when you click on Course 3?

Oh, just doesn’t have me as a subscriber. No problem at all, I’ve located my previously downloaded lessons now, and have access to it through another account so there ain’t nothing that needs sorting!
(Hadn’t really noticed, because ssiw has got me to a level where I do most of my learning through speaking to people now ;-))

I’ve fixed it manually - you should be good with this account as well now…:smile:

Oo, so you have!
Diolch yn fowr iawn!

Croeso mawr :smile: