The world's fastest question, Level 1, Challenge 3

Feel free to move this to some other more appropriate part of the forum, as I’m “forum-ly challenged” and have no idea how these things work. :wink:

So, question: in Challenge 3, Level 1, we have “Dw i newydd.”

Does it mean I’ve just, I just, or both? I’m asking because it looks like “wedi” is what normally determines the presence of “have,” yet even without it, it’s being spoken as “I’ve just.”

Sorry to be so picky. I’m a writer, and I tear words and sounds apart like nobody’s business, even in my non-native language.



Hi Myfanwy and welcome.
Good question. As it happens in this context, newydd means “have just”, so the “wedi” isn’t needed and it is omitted.


Ah, diolch, John! I’ll make a note of it. :grin:


Good question. We try to encourage SSiWers not to overthink things, but if you need to know, it’s important that you ask.

Newydd actually replaces wedi in the sentence, and corresponds to “have just” in English. Newydd actually means new, and in this context, the thing has been “newly done”.

I hope that helps!


Yep, it sure does. Diolch yn fawr! :grin:

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