The towel isnt dry

I am on challenge 25. At 28:25 is the sentence, “The towel isn’t dry, but I’m too tired to fetch a new one”

Earlier in the lesson, the phrase “The towel isn’t dry” is translated (phonetically) “Saw towel unseech”
But at 28:25 I am hearing an additional something. It sounds like “Saw towel AMR unseech…”

What is it, that I am hearing? And why is it different here than before?

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Hi @davidhamilton

Well congrats - yes the Welsh response is…

So’r tywel yma ‘n sych… or…

This towel isn’t dry… (ie not ‘The towel isn’t…)

…so the sentence in Welsh isn’t quite the same as the English…across the courses there are a couple of minor deviations on a couple of occasions…

Give yourself a big pat on the back - you’ve proved you’ve got your ear in.

I’m sure Iestyn would say its all part of the master plan - which has just been proven successful! :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:

Ah! Yes! If the English is THIS towel, I understand. But it is THE towel isn’t dry. So I’m confused about the “yma”. I think that they gave THE towel for English and THAT towel for welsh. In that case, it sounds right and makes sense. I listened again. And I’m sure that’s it.

Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful.

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I’m sure this is an example of a deliberate mistake, made to prove the point that EVERYONE makes mistakes, and it’s all good… :wink:

Thanks :grinning: