The top 10 Welsh language novels of the 2010s

Shwmae pawb

I thought some of you might be interested in this list. I would love to hear people’s thoughts - not least because one of my new year resolutions is to start reading novels in Welsh.


I read this article yeterday from a link on twitter … I think it’s completely the author’s opinion, isn’t it? Not based on any sort of sales figures or opinion polls or anything. It should have been titled “My favourite books of the 2010s”. Still, worth looking through and buying a few.


This was interesting, diolch! Though I agree with @gruntius, I believe it says more about the author of the article than about the Welsh literature of the 2010s. I’ve noticed there’s an emphasis on the post-apocalyptic/dystopian novels, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Personally, I would include something lighter in my list. There tends to be an opinion that good literature must be dark and depressing and tackle difficult topics, but when you read more or less every day you’re bound to want something lighter sometimes, and I think it’s great that there are writers who provide good detective stories, or good “chick lit” in Welsh.