The technically-challenged

I’m going to indulge in a minor snivel but I’ll preface it by saying that I think SSiW is the most brilliant, fabulous and exciting language teaching method I’ve ever come across. However… as a more mature student I have utterly failed to master SoundCloud, or indeed the microphone on my even more mature computer. I suspect I’m not the only one with this kind of problem, and attaining nice coloured badges doesn’t really matter so very much, sob, sniff, but I do feel a bit defeated and out of the loop. I’m just saying.


I think you make a fair point which may well apply to others (technically challenged or not). Have you any suggestions about how else you can earn these coveted badges? (There may be sound (see what I did there? ) reasons why alternative methods are not practicable.)

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You mean like money (or strong drink) changing hands?

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To be honest, mastering the Soundcloud recording is probably the hardest part of the entire course for some of us. :smiley: Fortunately, it’s like one of those topics that you have to do in school or college, but are relieved when you move on and feel justified to forget it.

I did have a go at putting together a step by step guide, right the way through the process. It’s still on the forum somewhere, but I don’t claim that it is a masterpiece of journalism.

Perhaps one of the tech bods could improve on it sometime, allowing for different types of computers/phones/tablets etc.

I’m sure that you’ll get there somehow.


I’ve been playing around with a SoundCloud alternative, which I’m hoping might behave a little better in general - although I suspect that until we can afford to make this sort of stuff a native part of a fully-featured SSi app, the process of getting used to recording and publishing is always going to be a steep learning curve for a lot of our learners.

It’s such a valuable step, though, that I don’t want just to switch it off.


I had hoped you might have some ideas based on your situation, but you could always try your methods. (Mine’s a bottle of Laphroaig - unfortunately I have little relevant expertise) :smiley:

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Huw…parentheses within parentheses? :unamused:

For people doing one of the structured courses, there is some help in the Slack forum as well - especially for iPhone users who seem to find it particularly fiddly.

And some fairly recent advice from one course participant said that she couldn’t find how to upload to Soundcloud using the app, but she could by going into the website in a browser.


I can’t even see a record button on the iPhone app of soundcloud! :crazy_face:

I think you need to record with something else, then Upload it into SoundCloud.

Guide to IOS Soundcloud for SSIW’ers.pdf (362.7 KB)


I feel exactly the same

Its not too bad once You’ve got it sussed.
The plus point is that you have plenty of time to practice without anyone listening
and you can delete and re-record if you want.
Its a great confidence booster before going onto the Slack practice method or real life face to face.

So its all one step at a time and confidence building. It definitely helped me and also a good reminder of how I have improved with time on SSiW.


Dwi’n cytuno yn llwyr!

I feel exactly the same!

@HuwJones sorry if I accidentally flagged your post :confounded: I was trying to add a smile. (Kinda proves the point about technology…).

Your smiles and flags are always welcome. :smile:

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If you still have an old SoundCloud app you stil may be able to record and upload directly from the phone (but I’m speaking it for Android users) but if you do not then (I’ve told this once on here already) SoundCloud took this feature away. It’s oofficial claim because I’ve got that answer from them directly. They don’t have any intention (for now) to put this feature back though.

There are many good recorders for the Android devices in the Play store so it shouldn’t be a problem to record separately and then upload all to soundcloud I believe.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

Diolch a nos da :grinning:

Dear Laurie I have the same problem so i will for go the badges. i still have all my marbles but as far as computers go, i think there is a small hole in the bag somewhere! Keep going with the Welsh though!Best wishes


Tessa, I think ‘a small hole in the marble bag’ will become my favourite new expression for the effects of Time’s passage.