The SSiW Annual Party 2018 - June 2nd - JOIN THE HANGOUT!

This is just to give everyone the heads up that this year’s SSiW Party finally has a date and a venue!

There will be more information to come in the near future, but the Annual SSiW Party will be held this year on Saturday June 2nd in the Halliwell Centre, Carmarthen.

There will be seating for over 80 people, so lots of room. I hope to see lots of new faces as well as old friends there.

And here’s the link to book your place

It costs £20 to attend which includes a buffet meal, and it would be wonderful to see as many of you there as possible. Remember that partners/spouses that don’t speak Welsh are more than welcome.

Thanks to all of you who completed the poll. I’ll close it now. :slight_smile:

If you are interested in the party It would be great if you could please let us know if you are able to attend or not by answering the poll below, so we can get a clearer idea of the numbers.

Diolch yn fawr! :slight_smile:

  • Definitely coming!
  • Definitely coming (plus one guest).
  • Want to come - still trying to make it work.

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Fantastic - llongyfarchiadau mawr iawn! :star: :star2:


It’s in my diary!
If anyone needs a bed for the night I don’t live that far away.

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Is that the Saturday of May bank holiday?

Yes it is.

Hopefully that will mean that people will be able to enjoy a long weekend in west Wales, though some may already have plans. We were finding it hard to get a reasonable location and not many dates were available.

EDIT: Not any more. The date had to be changed :slight_smile:

Right, after a bit of negotiating, we now have a definite date for the annual SSiW party - June 2nd!

For those that haven’t been before, this is NOT a bootcamp and we most certainly don’t expect you to speak Welsh all night (unless you want to, of course) and non-Welsh-speaking spouses/partners/friends are very welcome. It’s a social get-together to celebrate all that is SSiW and enjoy each other’s company.

There will be more information in a little while about the cost, how to book etc, but put the date in your diary. It should be a great event!


Diolch Dee for all your wonderful efforts! :slight_smile:


I did have it on my calendar for the first date, it’s now on June 2nd. I still have a bed available for anyone who wants to stay in the area overnight.


This sounds great Aran and Dee, and Carmarthen should be accessible for people.

Some thoughts- this is likely to be in the evening rather than afternoon?

Wales are probably playing South Africa in Washington that day, so if that kicks off before the party then people may want to gather in a bar beforehand to watch that.

The venue, Halliwell Centre, on University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s campus, is a 25-minute walk from Carmarthen train station, or a short taxi ride if several people arrive on a train at similar times and want to split the cost.

Looking forward already- thanks Dee!


Diolch for the useful information! We will be driving down and are very much looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new faces. I’m having a break from organising the party this year and Dee is doing all the hard work of pulling it all together, chwarae teg! This will be SSiW’s 9th birthday/annual party and it’s going to be a fun evening! :slight_smile:


Yes, definitely in the evening. I’ll put the times etc once that’s sorted, but it will be an evening buffet meal.

I’ve checked on the times, and if it gets broadcast live it will be on at midnight Wales time, so I imagine there will be a delayed broadcast the next day.

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Smashing, thanks Dee- I’m sure that it will be a fun and rewarding evening for everyone who attends :slight_smile:

I’ve made a cancellable booking and look forward to celebrating 2 birthdays on 2nd June - SSiW and my elder daughter. :smile:

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It’s one of the places I looked at Huw, but unfortunately, I wasn’t too impressed with the reviews and ratings on TripAdvisor, so in the end looked elsewhere.

I can’t remember the last time Aran and I had a night away together. Even evenings out together without the children are a very rare thing. So as you can imagine, as it’s an special occasion, I got a bit obsessed with finding a nice place to stay and got a little cross eyed looking at hotels and B&Bs… :wink:


Sorry @CatrinLliarJones, I shouldn’t have named the hotel (advertising) so I’ve tried to put that right now. :blush:

Like you, I check out the reviews (on my regular booking site) and found that the place in question scored well for a single traveller (Maureen has given me a pass out for the night :smile:)

My main purpose was to suggest that it is worth booking early, especially if your booking can be cancelled. it saves money and there aren’t a huge number of bed spaces in Carmarthen.

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But a double and a single with me. I don’t drink so driving people 15 miles or so home isn’t a problem.

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Helo, prynhawn da, pawb!
We are Wilhelmina and Alexandru Popescu, both retired in our more than sixty years of age from Budapest, Hungary;
being fresh learners of Welsh - Wilhelmina with Now You’re Talking Welsh tv programme and Alexandru with SaySomethininWelsh, we would be glad to participate at the summer event “The Annual SSiW Party – June 2nd, Carmarthen”.
What should we do? Whom are we toomeet over there?
So far, so good.
We are looking forward to her sonn of you.

Wilhelmina and Alexandru


So glad you are sorted Huw - didn’t want you to be disappointed. X

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Hi Alexandru, and welcome to the forum…:slight_smile:

The best thing to do with the party is:

  • go down to the bottom of this thread where you should see ‘bookmark’ ‘share’ ‘replay’ and so on - just underneath them, you should see a box saying ‘Tracking’ (or perhaps ‘Normal’) - click on this, and set it to ‘Watching’, and then you’ll get a message whenever the thread is updated… and that will include messages from Dee about when booking for the party opens - we announce a specific date/time in advance, because the party has been known to sell out quite quickly sometimes.

  • then you need to arrange your accommodation and travel - if you’d like help with suggestions, just ask in here (or read some of the posts about accommodation that people have already shared).

Anything else you’re not sure about, please feel free to ask… :slight_smile:

Excellent! It’s in my diary! Hwyl am y tro! Jan