The Skype (Group) Thursday 22nd February

Tonight the Skype rang for me to join the group call.and there was only one person on the screen, Philippe. We chatted a little and I said I would try to phone the others in the group. This I did but only one other person was “Available” ,Brigitte with whom I had a pleasant “Sgwrs”… Whatever happened.? . something wrong with the Skype ? Can this be put right for next week ? if so, how?

Hi Margaret,

I don’t know if the call went ahead but me, @tatjana and @henddraig gave our excuses on the ‘Format of Skype Practice’ thread.

Maybe @ramblingjohn can clarify?


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Certainly I thought ‘Format of Skype Practice’ the thread we needed to tell!

Yes, I wasn’t there and said so on the topic @PeterG mentioned above. But there’s no catastrophe. You had lovely chat with the people who were in the group so all who were in the chat could talk and practice. Maybe sometimes it’s just handy there’s a bit less people and I have no doubt you had the lovely time chatting about interesting and maybe a bit different subjects than when we all are in the chat.

We in Slovenia say that “every wrong has its right” so this “wrong” had its “right” also. :slight_smile:

See you next week if you’d be in session that time.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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I received the call but I was still at work sorry! Long day yesterday! My Skype always shows me as online because calls go through to my phone if not on my computer.Hopefully I’ll be back next week:-)

Likewise. Fingers crossed I’ll be available next week.

Maybe we should draw this to @ramblingjohn’s attention!

On the couple of occasions when I’ve missed the beginning of the Group Call as I’ve been skyping someone else, it has shown as an ‘Ongoing Call’ on the left hand side of my Skype screen. All I’ve had to do is click Join…

I suspect that, unlike normal Skype calls, you don’t need to keep trying to add people to the Group Call if they aren’t there initially.

Did everyone see that @ramblingjohn is not available next week? As it is dydd Gwyl Dewi thst is not surprising! He is aiming for March 8th

No. If you’re late to the session and you’re sure there’s going one you can just call in and you’re joined.even if you’ve not being online or you’ve otherwise missed the call for other reasons.