The 'parents teaching kids' project - other languages?

So, I’m going to be doing a self-isolating ‘learn along with Aran’s kids’ thing - it’s all on the fly and a bit messy, but it’s what I’m doing with my kids to give them a little French and Spanish, so it’s going to have some value for parents who want to give their kids some Welsh… :slight_smile:

So what I’m going to do is post a few prompts - as a text post - in a Slack channel - and I’m thinking that I’ll stick a video up so that people can hear my kids saying the Welsh.

Now, @neil-pyper has already offered to help roll this out into Spanish - and @Deborah-SSi is up for doing it into Esperanto - so I thought, maybe we should do this in a new, open Slack - and have separate channels for as many languages as we have volunteers…

If you’re willing to help with this, what you’d be doing would be checking the Welsh channel (in the new Slack), taking the English prompts from there (usually just four or five short phrases) and then providing them - ideally with a voice/video recording - in your language. [You can record a video on your phone and then upload it to Slack].

It shouldn’t take much more than about five minutes a day, once you’ve got used to it.

So, we’ve got:

Welsh - Aran
Spanish - Neil
Esperanto - Deborah
French - Huw
Slovene - Tatjana
Italian - Judy

Who else can offer another language? :slight_smile: :heart:


An exciting and timely project, cyfaill :+1:
I can offer French (with a quebecois accent and not as a native speaker).


I doubt there’d be any interest in Slovene but if there’s someone up for it I can offer it.


Parfait, monsieur!

@tatjana - I think that would be brilliant… :slight_smile:


You’ll be surprised @tatjana I’m sure :slight_smile:


My wife Judy can offer Italian.

Thank you for this, @aran - it is great to be able to focus on something so positive during these strange and stressful times!


I’m just really glad that the thought bubbled up, which it wouldn’t have without people like you continuing to nudge about stuff like this - because selfishly, yup, exactly the same, bloody glad to have something that feels like a positive step to take!


Thank you. Now I just need a when and how to start. :slight_smile: We still have perfect weather here (sunny and warm) so I could even record outdoors in our garden.

Let’s see. :slight_smile:

Mmmm, one of those I knew and forgot. :slight_smile:


Okay folks - I’ve got the Slack up and running - you can join it by going here:

@kinetic - when you get a chance, could you set up to forward to that Slack join url? :slight_smile:

The only thing I can work out for long term storage of the video content is for us to double-post to YouTube as well - so that people who want to can find Day 1, Day 2 etc… and then maybe we can work out a way to make that a bit more user-friendly (email a day?) later on…

Once I can see you’re all in there, we can do a test run - maybe look towards Monday as our first day? :slight_smile:

Done! And also set up as a shorter version too in case that helps :slight_smile:


Good man, good thinking :star2:

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Kinetic’s link takes me to a page which asks me to re-verify my e-mail. This may be due to the fact that I clear my cookies etc every time I leave my browser (like any sane person :wink:)
This link takes me straight to the bedtime sign-in page.

Oh - and I too have joined :smile:

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Just posted a test message in #1-general - might be a good idea for the other language crew to do a test video in their channels?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be video - just that as I’ve been scouting around looking for the simplest way to do it, and to make sure that we keep access to the previous content, it just keeps on coming back to YouTube… if we post each day’s prompts to YouTube and to Slack, then we’ll be able to set them up later on as a ‘one a day’ service, probably via email…

Spanish - @neil-pyper
Esperanto - @Deborah-SSi
French - Huw
Slovene - @tatjana
Italian - Judy (@neil-pyper)

So, it would be particularly awesome if other language offerererererers (er, sorry) could pop in as Huw has done and post a quick test run video, so we can see that everyone’s up and running - ideally, via a YouTube channel, because that way we can leave the old videos on YouTube to collate later on… :slight_smile:

Would I need to create my own YouTube Channel or can I just post (or have I just posted) to yours?
I’ll do it if necessary (but it might be “begrudging” and I might “flounce”) :smile:

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Typical centre, always flouncing… :wink: :wink:

I think for us to have the videos kept for future use, it needs to be uploaded to YouTube, and that means your own channel, I’m afraid… but it’s all fairly point-and-click, honest guv… :heart:

Iawn te! (can’t find a flouncing emoji)
I’ll just have to dis-disable YouTube through my Google paranoia settings so that I can set one up - Sigh!

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Can you check Slack/#French, please?

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