The new Interm./Adv. course for 10 pounds a month

I paid 10 pounds to do a month’s learning on…Interm./Advanced course., a new system I do not know how to find it on the computer. Help, please

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Hi Margaret. I’m not sure which level you mean, although I’m guessing level 3 is advanced (I haven’t done the courses myself, just here to help out!) but if you click on ‘Learn’ in the top bar, that should take you to all the options.
Many of those who will know for sure are at a funeral today so I won’t tag them yet, but if you still have any problems finding what you need, I’m sure someone will be able to get back to you before long.


i had a news letter saying that for 10 pounds a month or 100 f0r <a year I could have a weekly supply of people talking and the option to listen and understand I paid the 10 pounds but do not know how to get the item


⁄ would forward top you the information about its but you have mop return DDRESS.

I thinkmthat this system was open a news letter ion early January.-

In that case it sounds as if it might be access to the 6/6 Slack group, but I’m not part of that side of things, so probably best to wait until someone with more info about that group is available to help answer.

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To try and start to clarify a bit in the meantime.

With a subscription (like you did) you get access to the “Advanced Content” (that you should see following the instructions @siaronjames wrote in her first answer).

That includes a lot of recorded interviews, with transcriptions and translations helping improve listening, understanding, reading skills and vocabulary.
A new one is added every week.

Makes sense?

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Not really, Giselle. I want to be able to access the the thing that I paid GBP 10 a month for.

As I understood ,you could listen (and possibly speak) to someone. One should listen once or twice and improve one’s listening skills… It was on the News letter about 3 weeks ago and said zthzat one could pay 10 pounds for a month or 100 for a year… Surely SOMEBODY apart from me must recognise this and/or have contributed to it.
It is nothing o do with what Siaron suggested about following the different levels (But thank you all the same Siaron)

This was a new project …I have whole page from SSIW about it but don’t know how to send this on for help
I just want to be able to click on ,say, an E-Mail and start doing it.

Time to tag I think!
@CatrinLliarJones @aran @Deborah-SSi @Iestyn … can anyone check what was in the email that Margaret is referring to?

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I no longer have the news letter where this was first introduced (January I think ) but there were the words “Access to private online community” and “one hour group video speaking session every day”-- Also" The disadvantage… “Won’t have a desk of your own” and " No interval for coffee"
Hope someone recognises these


Hi Margaret - from the sound of it, you’ve seen an advertisement for one of our structured approaches to the courses - our ‘6 minute a day’ or ‘6 month’ approaches - which are for beginners, and not relevant to you.

The only reason for you to be subscribing is to access the advance listening exercises (as Giselle mentioned above) - which are a range of higher level material that Beca produces every week, to help advanced learners improve their breadth of vocabulary and understanding. If you don’t want access to those, then there is no reason for you to be subscribing after finishing Level 3, so just let know and they’ll cancel your subscription for you… :slight_smile:

Thank you, Aran.
The course I am talking about is mentioned in the last News letter and also in the new one today today. (the 3rd. paragraph written by “C”. ) It is highlighted in blue and entitled " In at the Deep End", Also says you could pay GBP 10 or 100.This is the one I paid for about 3 weeks ago. I I would still like to do it but do not know how to access it on the computer (My computer skills not being good enough probably.)


Ah, right, you’ve seen The Deep End in the email… but that’s just the structured course for Level 3, which you’ve already done… but you might find some of the connected challenges interesting - so I’ll tag @kinetic - Ifan, Margaret is already on a subscription, could you set her up with access to the Deep End? :slight_smile:

A friend of Margaret’s already contacted me about this via email the other day actually - @margaretsteinmann, I sent you an email about it on Friday, let me know if it hasn’t arrived and I’ll send it again! :slight_smile:

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Thank you.
i don’t seem to have had an e-mail on Friday from anyone to do wit the SSIW.

Sorry ( nor Saturday)

Oh dear. It was sent to the same address you have on this forum account - is that correct? I’ll send you a private message on here to confirm the address, to avoid putting your address out in public. :slight_smile:

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