The Mab - a retelling of the Mabinogion for young people

This sounds like a really interesting and exciting venture!

The Mab is a retelling of all eleven stories from the Mabinogion for young people. Each story will be written by an amazing Welsh children’s author, poet or writer. The book will be so beautiful. It’s going to be hardback with full-colour illustrations throughout. Illustration duties are being performed by a brilliant young Welsh artist called Max Low. Each story will appear in English and Welsh and translation duties are being performed by Bethan Gwanas.

What we’re trying to do is foster a love of these incredible stories in a new generation.

The Mab is being crowdfunded so we’re asking people to pre-buy the book before we publish. We will only take money from people’s accounts when we’re at 100% funded. People can buy at different levels so they can order a book, or a signed book, or a book with artwork from Max, or a school visit.

Link to crowdfunding site: The Mab by Matt Brown and Eloise Williams: Unbound

Wales Online Article: The plan to bring classic and famous Welsh book The Mabinogion to a new audience - Wales Online


@CatrinLliarJones ar gyfer y cylchlythyr?

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This sounds brilliant. I have s lovely edition of the Mabinogion (in English) and always wished i had a more child friendly version for my children to enjoy.

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This was funded today, looking forward to receiving my copy :slight_smile:


Oooh that’s super exciting, i was wondering how they were getting on :grinning::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grinning: