The links on the site don't work properly

Hello. After login the links on the site (above right) don’t work anymore.

They are working ok for me. What system/app are you using? And is your subscription up to date? (those answers may help me tag the right person to advise further)

I probably made a mistake: the links are working. Sorry. I had another topic: how can I go to the Callenge series when I’m in the One Sentence serie? And vice versa

I’m not entirely sure about that one as I’ve never accessed the one-sentence lessons. I’ll tag @Deborah-SSi as she’s probably the best one to help.

It’s possible to leave the One Sentence taster and start on the Challenges if you wish. You just need to sign up for the 6 Minutes a Day course and you’ll be on that one. If you have any problems, email and we’ll help you there.

Once you start on the Challenges, then the 1 Sentence Taster is cancelled and you can’t go back. It’s just a taster of the method used in the Challenges, so once you’re on those, you know what the method is like and you don’t need the taster.

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