The least I could do in the circumstances

Bore da / Good Morning,

I am hoping that someone can help with confirming or changing the Welsh (North Wales) translation for the following phrase please:

“It was the least I could do in the circumstances”

“Dyna’r lleiaf y medrwn i wneud yn yr amgylchiadau”

I appreciate that local colloquialism might drop the ‘f’ from lleiaf and likewise the ‘u’ from amgylchiadau.

The translation is required for a letter to a friend.

Diolch yn fawr/ Manythanks.


Looks fine to me @wyn-1

Diolch am y adborth Deborah (Thanks for the feedback Deborah)

Dw i’n ofnadwy o ddiolchgar (I am terribly grateful).

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I’ve been learning from the De Cymraeg course and there’s a similar construct I’ve encountered there that is something along the lines of , “Dyna oedd y lleiaf allai i wneud…”.

Diolch Gareth-Mitchell,

IT never ceases to amaze me for such a relatively small country, how much the Welsh Language changes as you travel around the four corners.

Even up in the North West of Wales there are subtle but distinct differences to various words and grammar, aside the local dialect. (Tafod-iath).

It all adds to the richness of the language.


Yes, medru yn y gogledd, gallu yn y de. However as people move home because of work or whatever you’ll hear both everywhere. There are quite a lot of people who have moved from N Wales now living and working in and around Cardiff. Best to learn north and south variations if possible, there are lots of them. Some S & N examples which can be heard often:
Dere, Tyrd, (come, S & N).
Cer, Dos, (go, S & N).
(Personal forms).

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