The international language of Welsh

If you find this interesting - some thoughts about our growing desire to take over the world and win the struggle for the future of the language - then I’d be hugely grateful if you’d do some serious sharing on it…:wink:

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@Deborah-SSi ar gyfer yfory? :slight_smile:




Alright! :slight_smile:

p.s. But S4C selection of programmes is more than I’m able to see. All our complaints must have worked…and I can’t complain now, since none was available just a couple of months ago! :wink:


Very positive and optimistic, Aran. Sad that a group of American tourists sitting next to me one morning in Beddgelert did not even understand ‘Bore Da’! Having spent a fe years in the USA I know that many Americans do not even know that Wales exists as a separate nation, let alone has an internationally recognised language. I do believe Travel Agents should be targeted over there, and of course, the more that we can educate tourists by means of Social media the better. Could we start with Wikipedia?

We’ve not been great at promotion over the years - but if we can crack it with the language itself, I’m sure we’ll be able to find ways to build on that… :slight_smile: