The Frisian languages

Today I was watching the Langfocus video on the Frisian languages. I’ve been facinated by Friesland and its languages for years due to its connection to English (the closest language(s) to English are in fact no Dutch, but Frisian!).

The Frisian languages are a group of languages that form a branch of the Germanic languages. The closest relative of the modern Frisian languages is English.

The Langfocus video was assisted by the folks at, a language site that teaches West Frisian (the largest variety), as well as Saterland Frisian (an endangered language of Germany) and Old Frisian.

The website has many informational pages, many of which are dedicated to embracing the personal freedom to enjoy and preserve ones culture. I feel like the mentality of the LearnFrisian crew largely mirrors that of SSi.

Anyways, why not learn some Frisian over at, and maybe we’ll see SSiFrisian in the future :heart_eyes:.


Hi, is there any audio on the website? I couldn’t find any.


If you live in cardiff and wanna practice it, i know a guy who is first language Frisian. Can’t tell you which version though.