The different lessons

Just joined up and loving it! I feel like I’ve made more progress in a week than a year of duo lingo! I’m doing a class too, but that seems to be very slow going…

Anyway! I’m a bit confused by the structure.

I’m doing a daily email, just signed up to the 6 minute course and have done 3 challenges…

Is that right? Is there an order to this? Am I doing it right lol?

Diolch / Thanks for any input :slight_smile:

Croeso i ti @tony-dowling ! There’s quite a bit of flexibility, so see what works for you.

If you go to ‘Learn’ above, then choose the ‘Learn’ option on the main website, you can reach all the material based on the Challenges (Levels 1, 2 and 3) plus the “Old Course” lessons, which people often find supplement the Challenges well.

Then there is the ‘AutoMagic’ link which takes you to the latest methodology. Some people use that alone, others combine it with the Challenges, and follow the 6 Minute Course. That takes you through Levels 1 and 2 with weekly emails. It suggests 1 Challenge per week, but you’re very welcome to just progress along at your own speed - whatever suits you.

You should have receive an invitation to join the SSiW Community Chat Slack group too. That gives you the chance to communicate with other learners and join in the online group sessions with a tutor. Check your Spam if you don’t see the email, and get in touch with if you can’t find it.

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