The course

I have moved to Blaenau Ffestiniog from Cornwall and this town is full of Welsh speakers which is good I’m on lesson 24 and still struggling with he will and did she is there any easy tips to remember these

S’mae Dunc?

Croeso i’r fforwm / Welcome to the forum! A good way to get patterns burned in is to make up your own sentences and repeat them out loud to yourself. If you are on Challenge 24, then you will have a fair number of verbs to hand, so just try making up simple sentences such as:

Bydd o’n dweud - He will say
Wnaeth hi ddweud? - Did she say?

Just change the verb in italics and rattle off a few dozen whenever you get the chance. The courses all use spaced repetition, so they will give to plenty of built-in revision as well.