The app is only allowing me to download some of the lessons. Saying not on Internet and I am! Help!

I’m trying to download all of the lessons and I can download the ones from number 7 onwards. However for some strange reason it won’t let me download from 1 to 6.2. It says I’m not on the Internet for those and of course I am! Can anyone help me to download those tricky first ones? I have pointed it out to Aran but he said to ask people in this forum. Can anyone help? Wendy

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Try checking this page out

It does sound as though you’re still using the old iOS app. In this case the best fix is to remove it and install the newest version instead

You’ll know if you’re using the old or new version, because the new version looks very green…

If you are on the new version already, post back here

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Thanks for bringing it in here, Wendy - where I can tag @kinetic and @jamesmahoney and @lewie - can you tell us if you’re using an Apple or Android device? Did you install an app, or are you just going straight to the site? Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorted. Thanks. I had the old version! Now on to the learning Welsh bit! Wendy.

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