'that is' using 'mae hynny'


I wonder if anyone could help with my question. During the course ‘Dyna’ is used for ‘that is’ but I also noticed something written down where ‘mae hynny’ is used.


  1. Dyna be ddwedest ti

  2. mae hynny’n ddigon agos

so in the latter would ‘dyna digon agos’ make any sense?


Slight problem here which is that languages never map neatly to each other - so what looks like one word in English (‘that’) can be different things that work in different ways in Welsh - so if you swap those two examples round and get ‘Mae hynny be ddwedest ti’ and ‘Dyna ddigon agos’ you’re going to be understood, but that’s just not how we say either of them…:slight_smile:


Hi Aran.

I understand what you are saying. It’s all about how it sounds. Clearly in this case my example just sounds wrong! Thanks for your response though. Onwards to level 3 now this weekend…