That I, That You

S’mae pawb !

As I had hit a bit of a plateux with course 3, I decided to take a little break and have a go at the new course 1 units. They are really fun and enjoyable, I have just finished challenge 12 of the south welsh version.

There are a couple of little transmogrifications that I noticed namely:

fy mod i has become bo’ fi
dy fod ti has become bod ti

I’ve heard both variations, so I know they are interchangeable, but I was wondering why these two forms are being used over the other two ?



The former are more formal, or correct, and the latter are what you’re more likely to hear out and about. As I understand it. I prefer the former, to be honest.

You’ll hear a lot of bo fi etc on Pobol y Cwm (to the extent that I’ve already been using them more often than not in my sentences), so, as far as I’m aware, I’d agree with Chris that it’s probably just because they’re the more informal, everyday version (and possibly the more widely used too?).

diolch :wink: