That I said

She mae pawb hanner ffordd Trwy r safon dau allech chi ddweud modd I n dweud yn lle bod i fi ddweud yn y canol o r ffrawddeg i olygu that I said diolch Y tro cyntaf ar y fforwm

Except for the thread particularly dedicated to discussion in Welsh, the forum rule is that posts should be in English so that members at all levels can benefit. I’ll let someone better qualified answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry Huw my mistake first time on here have a good day

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Hi @wayne-mabbs

It sounds like you are pushing on with the course - well done!

SSIW runs through quite a number of permutations of ‘that’ in the middle of sentences - because its a gateway to building longer sentences in a natural way.

Bod is one of the important options - as a bit of a mega verb in Welsh - which doubles as a translation for the word that and provides a tense to the following portion of the sentence in this context.

Rich :slight_smile:


thanks rich for your help

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