Thanks to SSiW team for getting me started!

I’ve just completed Course 1 (including the vocab units) for North and South. I’ve gone back to the new Level 1 and I’m happily going through that now.

I’d like to thank everyone in the SSiW team who have made this possible. Not having anyone with whom to speak Welsh here in Israel, I’m not sure how good a conversationalist I am, but I’m going to Skype Something in Welsh and then we’ll see! I’ve certainly learned a tremendous amount, and my congratulations (Sut ydw i’n dweud hynny?) to everyone involved in this marvellous venture.

All the best, and keep up the good work in helping to keep this wonderful language thriving.


Annwyl @Baruch, have you signed the petition for decent funding for S4C? Have you found S4C to watch?

I seem to have lost the Internationl link to S4C, but I will ask our brilliant tech person from Slovenia @tatjana to send it to you!!

Many congratulations on having got so far, and thank you very much indeed for your extremely kind words… :sunny:

Good luck with Level 1 - and I’ll look forward to hearing how your Skype chats go!

Da iawn ti! Llongyfarchiadau!

As for the link to S4C International, it’s here if you want to watch some of their program available worldwide.

Good luck for the future and good luck with Skyping. :slight_smile:

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Diolch yn fawr i chi for the encouragement - once I start Skype I’ll let people know how it goes: maybe it will be of use to others?!

Suffice to say that from my own experience with Hebrew, the ONLY way to learn a language is to get out - in the pub, on Skype, at bootcamp, whatever - and start USING it!

Noswaith dda.



Diolch yn fawr! I’d heard that word “Llongyfarchiadau” on the various Course 1 lessons. With a bit of help from Google Translate (ssh!) I finally understood it.

Hwyl fawr.


Definitely - we’re always trying to encourage people to get Skypeing… :sunny: