Thanks for level 1, and mae h'in or mae'n for it is

Hi again,
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Aron and Katrin for their work with level 1. I finished it today. I will go over the last lesson a few times to sound it down into my brain, but I am really grateful for the resource of such an easy way to learn.
I used some of the welsh to my landlord after two weeks, made a mistake and told them I had been learning about 3 weeks, they were surprised that I had so many phrases, which is only down to your course and way of teaching. I am trying to ge the confidence to use it more.
Do you find that some people have different ideas about the right way to say things? I have a friend who says that mae h’in means it is, I thought it meant she is, I thought it is was mae’n they just thought that was weird. As I’m so new to this perhaps some one could help me with that.
Thanks again.


Croeso and da iawn for doing so well!!

Mae hi’n - she/it is
Mae o/e’n - he/it is
Mae’n - he/she/it is

Things in Welsh have a gender. So “it” has a gender. So all of the above mean “it is”. So you and your friend were spot on :slight_smile:

Dal ati/keep at it! Sounds like you’re doing well! My advice, push on to level two. You’ll cover some of the old stuff as you go. You don’t need to “learn” this stuff word for word it’s all about patterns of speech. So don’t worry about ever getting 100%. Just push on and you’ll fly!


Sounds as though you’re doing brilliantly - just keep at it! :star: :star2:

Diolch yn ffawr.
It was good of you to reply so quickly, thanks again. That made sense, I wonder though, Is there an easy way to find out what things are male/female?
I was planning to give myself a week to go over the last challenge and listening exercise every evening, sounding it down as it were, and then move on to the next level.
Loving learning,

If you find one let me know :wink:

I’ve not come across one. There are a few pointers (please don’t worry about learning these) that I’ve gradually become aware of: If it’s mutated after “the” it’s female (gym: campfa - y gampfa), if it has an adjective , that can be a clue - toilet: ty bach (small house), bach hasn’t mutated so “ty” is masculine.

Really though, you don’t need to worry. If you say “mae hi’n” but for “ty” no-one would really mind. It wouldn’t stop the conversation. That’s why mae’n is so handy :smile:

Have a go at pushing on to level 2 without your revision week. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when level 1 stuff comes up again, it’ll come back to you :smile:

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Me too! It’s worse when dealing with animals! ci - male, cath - female, and I always had male cats and most of my dogs have been female!! I have real trouble “Dyma Toffi. Mae hi…” I just know people will think, “Ond ci mae o!”

If it helps, talking about an individual animal you can use their actual gender. You wouldn’t talk about Toffi as “it”. She mae hi is correct :slight_smile:

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I know, Anthony, but it feels odd! I couldn’t possibly say ‘mae o’, but I still expect folk to correct me (not friends who know she’s a bitch, but strangers!) Mind I am very unlikely to meet any Welsh speaking strangers now I am in Scotland! It was much worse in mid and north Wales when travelling with my Cavaliers!

Some words give away their gender just by what they end in - there’s a nice list in the Grammar §§50-51, and I think I also put a briefer summary in Basic Welsh, quite near the beginning.