Thanks everyone!

Hello all,
I really struggled this week - and my spellings are still phonetic - so not quite there yet. With balch ohonot ti dy hym. Think because of the mutations of proud and feel. Or maybe because work had sapped more energy than usual from my evening AutoMagic time!
Anyway, the hippy in me considers this a beautiful sign. I am indeed so proud of myself!!! Thank you to the whole forum for your help. Learning Welsh is the best thing I’ve done in twenty years. It’s gorgeous and warm and feels so right for me. It is so hard at times but utterly rewarding and is already opening up my future in this wonderful country. Thank you so much to SsiW and the fantastic support network this forum provides. Feeling emotional - and not even had wine with dinner!


It’s wonderful to hear how you feel about your Welsh learning. We’re so happy to be sharing the journey with you!

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