Ten years ago today

… Aran, Diane, Elin and Gaby set up a SSiW team on the KIVA lending platform.

The team of 4 has grown to 48, and we have lent a staggering $55,550 to 1,239 people in 71 countries. Last year, when money was tight for lenders, and many borrowers struggled to repay their loans, we lent more than ever before.

Most loans are short-term; within a year, the money is back in our accounts, ready to be lent to someone else. My favourite loan, though, has been a 15-year loan to an indigenous group in Mexico who are planting native pine plantations. It will be 10 years before they can harvest resin from their trees and start to repay their loan. In the meantime, I can go on Google Earth and watch the forest grow!

The minimum loan is $25. If you can help us celebrate our anniversary by joining our team, here’s the link:


I didn’t realise it was 10 years! I should have put this in the newsletter for today, but it’s uploaded already. I’ll mention it next week though. It’s an amazing achievement!


This is a great project, after joining the SSiW group I’ve given kiva cards as gifts to family so they can support people as well.


KIVA really does do a good job and so far, in the ten years or so that I’ve been a member, I have not once had a problem with the loans. Don’t be frightened to make a loan—you don’t have to give a huge amount, but even a small amount will make a huge difference.


I’d heard of Kiva from another online forum, but finally decided to join after seeing people mention it on here. I’ve only been a member for a year or two but it’s lovely to see the loans repaid. As money comes back in, I re-lend it and add some more too, so gradually the amount I’ve lent builds up. There are some great projects to support.