Technical Problems with Day 5 of "1 sentence in Welsh"

Hi all!

First post here so not sure if this is in the right place, but here we go.

I am currently up to day 5 of the “1 sentence in Welsh” section of the website. Yesterday upon reaching day 5 the full lesson was visible however after opening it up from my emails today, the content wont load.
I can go back to previous days and see the lessons and audio, but day 5 just wont work.

I have tried turning off all adblockers/extensions, different browsers and even loading the website on my phone, but nothing has fixed this issue.

Anymore tips on getting this working? I’d love to continue on my Welsh language journey here.


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I’ll tag @Deborah-SSi here for you to draw her attention - she’ll know who to contact to sort this out, or you can email :slight_smile:


Hi @hayden-topping Have you tried from the website?

On the “1 Sentence in Welsh” page, at the top where it says “View day…”, drop that menu down and choose Day 5. From there, you should be able to see the email contents for Day 5 on the website.

Does that work for you?


Thanks for the quick response!
Below is what I see when I view day 5. It just doesn’t seem to load any of the email content at all.

going back to day 4 however looks fine.

Not quite sure why this is occurring today, as yesterday I could view the day 5 content :confused:

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That looks like an issue with the browser not downloading everything, but it seems strange if you can see the other days, and refreshing or trying another browser doesn’t help.

It’s beyond my technical expertise I’m afraid, so I’ll flag it up to our Tech Developer and hopefully he can shed some light on it.


Yeah its a strange issue.
I appreciate the replies and will make sure to busy myself with other challenges on the website until it’s figured out.


Where do I go from here ?

Welcome @howard-dwyer

Are you looking for something specific?

Rich :slight_smile:

Howard I think you posted in the wrong spot, as this was a thread for a technical problem I was having last year. There is probably more relevant places you could post your comments.
I never had any issue accessing and interpreting the lessons on here though, so I think that might be a bit of a personal problem.