Technical issues with apps

Being a huge fan of Aran and Iestyn’s approach, I Just signed up to learn Spanish (I previously used the old course from back in thevday but my saved mp3 files are now mostly degraded so thought I’d try out the new course and materials).

siaradwr Cymraeg rhugl sy’n dysgu Sbaeneg ydw i. Ond dwin defnyddio cwrs Iestyn i wella fy Nghymrâg naturiol pan dwi’n teimlo mod i’n mynd yn rhwdlyd.
Since the answer to my query will be useful to everyone I’ll stick to English for now

So anyway thinking “it’ll be easier” :roll_eyes: I signed up for a year’s subscription using Facebook to log in and PayPal to pay.
So far so good. I can access everything via Facebook, but can’t directly log into the ssi website or apps because none of the passwords work - the one I put in to my details during the sign up process, nor the Facebook pw.
I blame Zuckerberg and Apple iOS not you guys. But any help will be gratefully received.

So sorry for the difficulties you’ve had and thank you for your patience!

I’m tagging the tech team in the hope they can help.


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I’ll have a look and see if I can see anything, @chriscastle
If not, it will be over to Kinetic.

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@Deborah-SSi @CatrinLliarJones @Kinetic After a bit of trial and error it’s definitely a tech issue with the iOS app
The website gives me the option to “log in with Facebook” but the app only offers “log in with email”
IF there’s a way to fix that, great, the appss are good to make it easier to switch from Spanish to Welsh. If not, it maybe a good idea to warn iOS users to avoid the Facebook option for log ins
I can get access to everything so no biggy,:+1:

Pob hwyl a chadwch
at y gwaith arbennig😁


Diolch o galon am y mewnbwn, Chris, gwerthfawrogi’n arw iawn :muscle::partying_face::heart:

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Reit te

I’ve managed to solve it -at least for me- i logged in using Facebook on an old Android device and the android app allowed me to reset my password via an email without me having to input the old password.

So I now have the app in working order. ŵwhŵ:nerd_face::grin:


Excellent detective work - diolch!

Muy bien, @chriscastle ! :clap: