Technical help/advice please

Shmae, after approx 2 years of on/off SSIW I’m almost ready to sign up for 6 mins a day course but I’m in my 70’s & not very confident with technology. I use a Samsung 10.1 tablet - will I need to sign up for Soundcloud or any other app to get full advantsge of the Course?
Diolch yn fawr.

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Hi Rosemary,
Don’t worry, there are plenty of people in the SSiW community who are also a bit unconfident with technology, but luckily there are also plenty who understand it and can help with any problems that may arise.
To get full advantage of the course there are times when you need Soundcloud and being a member of the Welsh Speaking Practice group on Slack is also recommended, but you only ever need the free versions, and whilst they will help enormously with course tasks neither is compulsory.

The most important thing is not to struggle with the technology or let it put you off - there is always someone around on the forum who will be able to talk you through it. :slight_smile:


Thank you Siaron that’s very reassuring. I’ve got 5 granddaughters so I’m sure they can sort me out too.