Tech issues with challenge 16

Does anyone have any advice for solving problems playing a challenge?
I am now on 16 and now have problems getting it to load, having to log in again; once logged the account recognises me but each time have had to,go back to the start and cannot drag the pointer forward to where I want to be. I tried uninstalling but no improvement .
Any ideas?

Hi @peggywood

Is this on the App on an iphone / iPad?

Is so there is a workaround - see this post here

Rich :slight_smile:


Thank you - I will download the challenges in future and hope this solves the problems I’ve had nbeen having recently. Challenge 16 now running after download so looks hopeful so far.


Diolch yn fawr, Rich, and da iawn Peggy for reaching Challenge 16 - that’s a lot of work you’ve put in there!

Let us know if the problem continues, but hopefully Rich’s kindness has already put you back on the road!