Teaching a toddler Welsh (not in Wales)

Hi all,

I’m after some advice on potentially teaching my nearly 2 year old Welsh. I’m only on Level 1 challenge 9, very early days for me still, so I don’t have a heck of a lot of vocab myself to begin with. (I only really remember “Beth wyt ti’n gwneud” being shouted at me in school which says a lot :grinning:)

I’ve done a bit of a search of other posts but these are mostly focused on children who are in Wales. I found the “Welsh with Kids” thread quite helpful. There seemed to be a few people in a similar situation to me though I see it’s a bit old now and some of the kids may not be kids anymore :slightly_smiling_face: . We are in Oxford and the only Welsh he will hear is me (his dad is English) and a couple of times a year his Gran (a Level 1 learner also). If we are able we will meet up with the other Welsh learners in Oxford (and the very patient @johnwilliams_6 ) but that will be infrequent sadly.

At the moment he is having a speaking explosion and is speaking new words and sentences on a daily basis so conscious of this. His understanding of English is really good so me attempting to then speak in my broken Welsh will probably be really confusing!

Any thoughts or advice on this gratefully received. Diolch.


One thing you could try would be to put S4C children’s programmes on (‘Cyw’ is the branding for very young children) - he’ll absorb a fair bit just through those.


I don’t have kids, but I am a doting auntie of six-year-old twins and I was an English teacher in China for six years, where I taught babies as young as 18-months at one school, if you can believe it… they barely knew any Mandarin yet! I spent a lot more time working with toddlers, and I would recommend modelling the language as much as possible when you use Welsh with your child. Act it out, make funny faces, give as many visual and emotional clues as you can. Using English in parallel probably won’t hurt either - being that it is a bilingual situation anyway, it seems to me that would be quite natural and helpful. I also agree with @siaronjames that cartoons on S4C is a great idea… for you both, because you’ll be learning together a lot of the time! :grinning: Pob lwc!


Diolch @siaronjames a @sasha-lathrop
We have started watching a few cartoons, with subtitles for hubby, so it’s a start. Managed to find some of our favourites so that was nice.
I’ve started saying things bilingually as well and he’s already picking some things up “more please” and “red” on day one so that was quite cool. I tried counting as we were out in the car and was told to stop! :joy: I’ll just keep going and see how it goes!


Hi all,
Anyone know where I can get children’s Christmas songs on CD? I want something for playing in the car but I have only found streaming services and only a few songs at that.

Helo Ruth - it’d be worth taking a peek at Sain’s website - here’s one CD at least
Na-nog might be worth a look as well
Hwyl, John

Diolch @johnwilliams_6 that is exactly what I was after! The nursery school run will be a lot more fun now :smile:

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Shwmae! I am trying to teach my 3 and 2 year olds with my learners welsh too so understand your difficulties and concerns! Though I do have the advantage of being in Wales.

We have some really good CDs for the car. I recommend the Welsh Children’s Songbook for traditional songs and we’ve just got the Cyw Hip Hip Hwrê cd which is really funky!

Thanks @SophieJT I’ll have a look at those.