I gather ‘dysgu’ means both ‘learn’ and ‘teach’, so how do I explain that I both teach maths (secondary maths tutor) and study it (doing a degree with the OU)?

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You could rephrase it - you could say Athrawes mathemateg dwi for the teaching part, and use astudio rather than dysgu for the degree part.


People sometimes use addysgu (educate) if the context is not clear that they’re talking about teaching. It does, however, sound as borderline pretentious in Welsh as it does in English.

BTW, I often remind people that colloquial English does this too (“that’ll learn you!”), and further, even does the benthyg thing (“Don’t go borrowing my tools out to your mates while you’ve got them!”).

I’ve seen people say ‘dysgu fel athrawes’ to mean ‘teach’.

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not really answering your question but I do enjoy telling people that by developing with both meanings for dysgu, Welsh was rather ahead of the game - it understood even centuries ago that we’re all life-long learners, even the teachers amongst us :wink: