Tea and Coffee


I was wondering if you could give me a quick hand with some translations (I don’t trust google’s grammar/phrasing!).

I’m making some mugs for a gift, and I would like one to say “Coffee, black” and one to say “Tea, milk no sugar”. I know coffi and te, but I’m not sure how to add the descriptions/what order they should be in.


(While I’m at it, a quick update from me: Welsh has been put on hold for the moment, I have exams until the end of May and not enough room in my brain/hours in my day for more learning. I’m planning a couple of intensive days in the summer before my week in north Wales, hoping to finish Level 1 and speak as little English as possible whilst I’m there!)

Not sure if you’d phrase it the same way in Welsh. Certainly the commas look a bit awkward. And Coffi Du is black coffee rather than Coffee, black so the effect is lost. :wink:

How about being a bit more abrupt by using full stops?

Coffi: Du.
Te: Laeth. Dim Siwgr. (South)
Te: Llefrith. Dim Siwgr. (North)

Thanks! That’s what I was thinking about, which is why I was worried about just using a dictionary or translator. The full stops could work, or if I put each part on a new line so it’s:

Dim Siwgr

that might work? Will have to subtly try and find out which word for milk he uses! He speaks a mish mash of northern and southern Welsh, having been brought up in Cardiff by northern parents.

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I like the look of them on different lines - that could work really well.

I don’t know if it’s helpful, but I live in Cardiff with a Gog, and we have Gog friends here too. And I’m told off for saying ‘llaeth’ :wink: (So it might depend on how much he wanted to rebel against his parents…)

I did go with separate lines, I like how it’s turned out! After a discussion about how to order drinks in a cafe, it turns out he says “llaeth”, so I went with that! This is how they turned out if you’re interested! Fingers crossed they can survive the dishwasher now.


They look absolutely fantastic. I want some! :sunny:

Oooo they’re brilliant, I’d love one which said ‘coffi, llaeth, dim siwgr.’

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I’d have “Coffi gwyn” instead of “Coffi du” … :slight_smile: