Tattoo Translation

I was wondering if any of you could translate something into Welsh for me. My husband wants a tattoo in Welsh, but I want to make sure he doesn’t end up with an incorrect translation.

“American by loyalty, birth, and devotion, but Welsh in lineage!”

Any help would be welcome. Thank you in advance.

Hi Carrie, this is a difficult sentence to translate I’m afraid.

Therefore my first thoughts would be towards a non literal translation which conveys the message in a smooth, clear and poetic a way as possible, without sounding like too much of a mouthful.

I’m automatically assuming that because it is a tattoo that he wants something which rolls off the tongue rather than something which sounds like it’s straight out of a textbook?

In which case, and without sounding too corny, I would be tempted to bring words like ‘roots’ ‘heart’ ‘blood’ to replace the bit about lineage? Otherwise (judging from my first mental attempts) you’ll end up with a long sentence heavily loaded with syllables and consonants.

I’ll come back to you as soon as I can. X

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