Taset ti'n question

Could someone help me with this question please, how would I say
“If you could go to pub, cinema, restaurant with someone famous, who would you go with?”
I know it’s a taset ti’n if (I think)
North and South answer would be great, diolch

For Gogledd, I’d say - Taset ti’n mynd i’r dafarn, sinema, bwyty efo rhywun enwog, efo pwy faset ti’n mynd?

In speech you can shorten both “taset and faset” to “set” which makes it a bit easier!

For restaurant you could use tŷ bwyta if you prefer

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That’s brilliant, I wasnt too far off lol, thank you for your help

For “ would you” informal , in West Wales we would use ‘ faset ti ‘also ( as a native English speaker) and ‘fyddet ti ‘ for “‘will you”.

That’s great, thank you, I just need to practice more with them now