Tasen / Basen again

A couple of quick questions about that old chestnut “tasen/basen”:

  1. The old course vs new levels teaches baswn i as opposed to byddwn i. Is this just a regional variation?
  2. In either level 1 or 2 we have “Trien i helpu ti taset ti’n arafu”. Does this therefore mean that you can use tasen with any form of the conditional (short forms, long forms etc)? I assumed it was only with basen / bydden
  1. yes, it comes down to personal preference really.
  2. yes, you can use the taswn set* with any short conditional forms as well as with the baswn set*.
    However, with the byddwn set*, it shouldn’t be the taswn set, it should be the byswn set* (which you can also use with short-form conditional, but shouldn’t use with baswn set).
  • by set, I mean “+it’s conjugated forms” i.e. tasen, tasech, etc / basen, basech, etc / bydden, byddech, etc / bysen, bysech, etc.

I hope I haven’t made that too confusing. I think I may have!


Diolch, Siaron. Perfect explanation. Just what I needed to know!

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On the contrary - excellent explanation. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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