Does anyone know if there are any tarot cards in Welsh, please?

Although there are many Welsh (Cymreig) and Celtic themed decks, I’ve never come across any actually in Welsh (Cymraeg) - though I have seen a deck in Irish Gaelic.

The only thing I’ve found is a translation of the major arcana here Multilingual Tarot Cards. Czech Tarot. Afrikaans Tarot. Welsh Tarot. Czesky. Cymraeg. Afrikaanse. Yn Gymraeg. Yn y gymraeg.

Edit to add: I’ve asked on twt.cymru to spread the net wider and see if anyone there has come across any.


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The word went out, and so far no luck. Even Mhara Starling doesn’t know of any, and if anyone were to, it would be her.

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Thank you so much for trying. I live in hope that one day there will be!


I found this Welsh themed Tarot but alas not Yn Gymraeg. You may want to contact the author and see if she may want to do one in Welsh.


I have written to the publishers Llewelyn in the hope that they will pass the idea on to those who produce the tarot. I’m hoping that someone will think it’s a good idea and go ahead with it. I’ve taken Aran’s advice from previous videos where he mentions putting the thought out into the Universe and then forgetting all about it. I have faith it will work; not sure how long it will take, though! Thank you all for your help.


I had this back from the market
R of a Kickstarter TTRPG based on a Cymru-themed tarot deck whose releasing a reading deck in paralel to the game.

So maybe eventually?


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That’s very encouraging. Great news.