Talk About Welsh DVDs

Help! Does anyone know where I can get hold of the Talk About Welsh DVDs- they are a series of programmes that were produced by ACEN. I have series 1 and have found it really useful but I can’t find series 2 -5 anywhere. They are good fun and have been really useful for improving my comprehension and pronunciation. I wonder if anyone out there has copies that they would like to sell?

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One for the next email, @Deborah-SSi? :sunny:

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I have 2 “Betamax” video tapes of “Talk About Welsh” programme that I use from time to time but no DVDs. Sorry, good luck with your search

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I have all the Talk About Welsh series on VHS videos, which I bought years ago, along with the written booklets that went with this excellent series. The series was made in the mid to late 90s, before DVDs were popular, so the whole series was only available on video at first. I think a bit later the first couple of series were made available on DVD but, if I remember correctly, the later series were never out on DVD. Just wanted to let you know that you may be looking for something that never existed. It would be great if S4C would repeat this series now because, although it looks a bit dated, I think many learners would enjoy it and find it useful.

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I’m not familiar with this but if S4C made this why not asking them directly? Actually if I’ll have time later on I can do that through social media. I’m following them on Twitter so won’t be hard to ask through DM since I remember (hope I remember it well) they’re following me too. :slight_smile: But I’m in the middle of preparation for holidays so I’m not sure if I’ll squeeze this in my chaotic schedule … :slight_smile:

Well, letter (email) to S4C done too. Let’s see what (if) they send back in reply.

Pob lwc. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Susan- at least I know that it probably isn’t available. I agree it would be great if it was shown again on S4C- I think I’ll email them and ask if they could make it available. Thanks very much for the help.

Thank you so much Tatjana- that’s very kind of you! I think I’ll email them too just to add my voice.

Thanks again for taking the time to help.

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Always the pleasure. :slight_smile:

That was rather quick. I’ve got an answer from S4C which is as follows:

Dear Tatjana,

Thank you for contacting S4C.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide copies of our programmes as the production companies hold the rights, and in this case we cannot refer you to the production company Acen as we would normally do, as it no longer exists.

Sain were the company responsible for distributing the series on VHS / DVD, but they no longer have any stock of the series. If you are able to acquire copies on VHS, it may be that there are companies in your area who would be able to transfer copies from VHS to DVD.

You may also find our Welsh learner programmes Dal Ati useful:

Sorry that we couldn’t bring better news.

Pob lwc wrth ddysgu’r Gymraeg!!

Iestyn Roberts
Swyddog Y Wifren
Viewers’ Hotline Officer

Now you know everything.

All you can still do is to ask them if they can put the series on their program once again but unfortunately as the Acen producer no longer exists it’s not likely they’d do so. However it always worth to try so go ahead and write to them.

If anybody can collect them I have course 2 and 4 on" video" for free but I live in Gloucester .

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Thank you Brian, that’s very kind. Unfortunately, I don’t have a video player so I wouldn’t be able to access them. I’m very grateful for the thought, though.


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Several years ago I bought the entire Talk About Welsh series. Series 1 / Lessons 1-26 was available on 4 dvd’s but the rest were all on vhs. I think only two booklets were made for lessons 1- 26. I ordered the complete series from ACEN not realizing there are different recording systems between the UK and US. (UK uses PAL) When the tapes arrived, they wouldn’t play on my vcr ! Luckily I located a global dvd/vhs player on ebay and was able to tediously convert from vhs to dvd’s which I can play on standard American equipment. ACEN gave me a refund for the tapes because I couldn’t use the PAL recordings, But they required me to sign a form promising I wouldn’t re-sell or use the programs without permission. I’ve still got the tapes and would like to donate them to a library.


Thanks, Tom. That’s very kind of you. I don’t have video equipment myself but perhaps someone else will be glad to make use of them.

If S4C said Acen no longer exists/trades, and recommended having copies converted, that’s a strong argument for no breach of copyright for copy and distribution to fellow learner’s so far as I can see. Thoughts?
I had this series, but the converter and I had a disagreement and :cry: that was that!

I wholeheartedly agree with your idea on copyrights. My problem was persuading a legit company to convert the tapes for me without a physical document from ACEN granting permission. Nobody would chance it. Eventually I was able to do it myself with a device able to convert PAL/VHS to other dvd formats. The device cost me the same as what ACEN refunded me for the unusable tapes. So that worked out. But, unfortunately, the conversion did sacrifice some audio and video quality from the originals. I thoroughly enjoyed the Talk About Welsh series; wish it could be re-released on dvd.

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I have Series 2, 1-10 on VHS, and would love to get the rest, especially series I, in any format (preferably dvd). There are 2 parts on video on eBay, but prices a bit silly!

I have Series 1, 1-26 on dvd. Included with that are two Talk About Welsh handbooks for 1-26. (Not sure if ACEN followed up with their handbooks after the first two.) On vhs tapes I have Series 2 through Series 5. The tapes are PAL formatted and need a converter to play. I would sell my Series 1 materials only on condition the buyer takes the vhs tapes(free) and pays postage for the lot.

how much and how do I pay you?

How about $50 for the materials plus shipping? (Shipping might be costly depending on where you live. I’m in the US.) Maybe we could go through PayPal for payment.

Sorry, I assumed you were in The UK. I think it’s going to work out far too costly!

Peidiwch â phoeni, byddwch yn hapus!