Tale of Two Dragons

I’m a fan of the Band Calan, and one of the lovely things is that when the sing in Welsh it’s usually pretty clear and easy to follow. The song Tale of Two Dragons off of their album Dinas, however, has a chorus, or maybe it’s a bridge, in Welsh (the rest is in English) and I can’t make out a word of it. Is anyone who is familiar with this song able to tell me what’s being sung?


I didn’t know that song before, so thanks for making me aware of it. As far as I can make sense of it, she is singing
Sgrech y storm mewn gwewyr
Mellt yn rhwygo’r awyr
Not 100% on the first line, fairly confident on the second, any corrections welcome :slight_smile:

I found this live version with quite clear audio which I found useful to decipher the lyrics:

(The studio version has a reverb effect which doesn’t make it easier to pick out the words.)

Of the live/non-studio versions, this is pretty much the best, yes.

It sounds like “Sgrech y storm mewn gwewyr” to me too. It makes sense because it loosely translates as “the storm screams in pain.” Gwewyr is given in the Ap Geriadur as “throes” but “gwewyr esgor” are labour pains, so “pains/throes”, whatever.


Yeah, that’s got to be ‘gwewyr’ :slight_smile: Great work everyone!

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Diolch o galon, Hendrik!