Taking notes

Am I allowed to take notes? I’m doing level 1 challenge 4 and struggling a bit, I understand Rhaid I mi and mae dal gen i also understand dw I wedi bod yn siarad, but when I’m doing the challenge I’m getting a bit confused lol, or should I move onto challenge 5, I’ve been doing challenge 4 for about a week and have a good understanding of the sentences but not necessarily in the right order lol

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Well, whilst no one can stop you taking notes, we don’t really encourage it because - although it sounds contrary - it actually slows the learning process down if you look at notes during the exercises. Looking at them afterwards on their own would be better if you feel you really need them.

But it sounds to me like you’re doing fine without them as it is - remember that in the SSiW universe, even mistakes are good because they help those synapses form, so I would say push on - you’ll come across the phrases again as you move through, so you don’t need to have them “off pat” straight away, and you can always pop back to a particular challenge if you want (and those who do often find them much easier once they’ve done more). Keep going, and once you reach, say, challenge 10, then go back and flick through 1 to 5 - you’ll find much more has ‘stuck’ than you think it has! :slight_smile:


Many thanks for your reply, I do actually find myself saying quite a lot of the sentences in my head, (sometimes in the middle of the night lol) maybe not in the correct order though lol, thank you for your encouragement


I came to ask a very similar question to stephen-22 and thought I’d search the forum first.

I was okay with them originally but now keep mixing up Rhaid i mi and Mae gen i in the later challenges (I’ve just done 8) even though I know what they mean. It’s quite frustrating, especially when, in the heat of the moment, I mix ‘must’ up with ‘need’!?

I came to double check that this was no reason to go back to Challenge 4 and think I’m reassured that I can keep pressing on… Diolch!

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