Taith Heb Saesneg

Hi Tom, - No Llandrindod, but I know a few of the welsh speakers and learners over in Rhaeadr.
Powell’s a proper Rhaeadr name, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m in Caernarfon. And I have a bike. Happy to ride route 8 with you if I am in town and not off touring somewhere.


As discussed over PM, me being down in Cardiff - and Aber being about 20 miles out of your way put paid to that idea - but if you are passing through Machynlleth, I would fully recommend a visit to Caffi Alys in the centre of town - a hub for Welsh in the town if you will!


You will need to stock up on calories at Caffi Alys before the climb over to Dylife, as you probably know!


Hi Rohini,

You are very welcome to join me. I’ll keep you posted with details.

Always good to have cafe stop recommendations. Coffee and cake is what keeps me going!

…and its conveniently directly across the road from a Co-op for you to buy a Lucozade for the next stage of the journey


Top tip… diolch Nicky

Also, from googling the route - I think you pass through Merthyr.

In which case I can fully recommend “Caffi Soar” in the centre of town. Jamie Bevan has just taken over the running of this place, and it has been a Welsh speaking cafe for the last few years - and will only go even more Welsh speaking with Jamie at the helm.

He’s a really lovely guy and I’m sure will be incredibly hospitable to you, especially when he finds out about your mission!


Hi All,

I’m incredibly happy with all the responses I am getting to the Taith Heb Saesneg. Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam are now also on board and giving me info.

A few people have been asking for the route so heres a link to the Sustrans website and the page which shows Route 8 as an interactive map.


Great idea and I wish you well. Look forward to seeing the video. Would join in if I were in Wales, but that is not the case. Good luck!

Diolch David

I have a brief plan of the itinerary for Taith Heb Saesneg.
6eg Awst. Caergwbi i Penygroes. Cyfarfod SsiW dysgwyr yn Caernarfon.
7fed. Penygroes i Machynlleth.
8fed. Mach i Rhyader.
9fed. Rhyader i Aberhonddu (YHA Brecon Beacons)
10fed. Aberhonddu i Caerdydd.
11ed. Eisteddfod Genedlaethol.


Your route passes my back gate just outside Machynlleth - sent you a PM with offer of a bed. And if you could just explain in simple Welsh how my new-fangled tyre pump works…


If I’m free, I’d love to meet you somewhere on the Barmouth to Dolgellau stretch. I won’t know until nearer the time whether I’ll have any other commitments, but I’ll keep following this thread.

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It will be great to see you if you can make it


Closer to the date, I’ll message you and we can do a video for my channel if you’d be up for that :slight_smile:

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Hi Nicky. I’d be very honored to be on your channel. Thank you for the invitation.


So - I’ll need some help with vocabulary for the Taith Heb Saisneg. Can anyone suggest some cycling specific vocab I may need?
Here some I use when cycle training.
Pedal yn barod - pedal ready
Edrych yn ol dros yr ysgwydd de - look behinfd over the right shoulder
Edrych yn ol, — symud i Prif Safle (symud safle yn y ffordd - i canol o eich lon) —arwydd - Look behind — change road position (to Primary) — Singnal
Olwyn - wheel
Cadwyn - chain (not sure of this one!)
Teiar- Tyre
Spokes -adeiniog (??)

there must be more you can suggest!

Mae’r sedd yn brifo fy mhen-ol - The seat is hurting my backside.
Wyt ti’n gwybod y fford i Gaerdydd? - Do you know the way to Cardiff?
Dw i wedi mynd ar goll - I am lost!

(my spelling is not on it today!)