Tafwyl Caerdydd 2024

Tafwyl is the main Welsh language festival in Caerdydd and will be taking place this year on 12-14 July in Bute Park.

It’s a fabulous occasion to get along to with lots of Welsh bands and cultural activities. Here’s the link to the main website to read more:

Tafwyl – Gŵyl Gymraeg Caerdydd / Cardiff’s Welsh Arts & Culture Festival

They’re looking for volunteers to help run the event and Welsh learners are welcome. I volunteered a couple of times myself in the early days of Tafwyl and it was a great opportunity to use my Welsh and generally be immersed in a Welsh language atmosphere.

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As part of Tafwyl, a special session for children in Years 3 and 4 has been arranged with the Children’s Poet, Nia Morais. That sounds like a lovely opportunity for Welsh-speaking children in the Caerdydd area! If you don’t have children yourself, perhaps you could pass it on to any parents you know.