Syncing between iOS app and AutoMagic

Hi! Is there any way to synchronize between the iOS app and the AutoMagic system on a Windows operating system so that I can switch between using my phone and my computer. Also, the AutoMagic doesn’t seem to have the introductions to each challenge or to indicate which challenge I am on. It only shows the number of hours I’ve spent on the web app.

What you want to do is not possible. Only your progress within AutoMagic is stored on the server, so the system knows your progress, regardless of the platform or device you use, as long as you log into your account.
So you could access AutoMagic on your iOS phone, through any web browser, but you need an online connection for that.
AutoMagic isn’t split up into lessons, so it doesn’t have the lesson introductions as the static audio files.

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Super thanks for the quick response!

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Yes, Hendrik is exactly right on this for now (diolch o galon, Hendrik!) - we’ll be synchronising across devices in the course of next year :slightly_smiling_face: