Syn and dwi?

I never know when to use syn . I notice on the course Iestyn will sometimes start the sentence with Syn whereas I would automatically use dwi! Could someone please explain when I would use Syn and give some examples. Thank you.

Shwmae Ariana.
When you say “syn”, do you mean when it’s pronounced “sign” (Sa i’n) or “Sîn” (‘sy’n’, or ‘sydd yn’)?

For the first example, it is used to mean “I am not…”, as opposed to ‘Dw i ddim yn…’. So “Sa i’n moyn i’w wneud e!” for “I don’t want to do it!”, which would, in the longer form be “Dw i ddim yn moyn i’w wneud e!”

The second example is often used after the word “pwy” for “who”. So “Pwy sy’n…” would be “who is…”.

Hope this helps!
Gav :slight_smile:


Great answer, Gav - diolch o galon!

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Thank you so much Gav that was very helpful, I have to say using this term is difficult for me because I am very comfortable using the longer form of dwi. But at least now I understand why and what it means. Diolch yo fawr.


Don’t feel you have to use it, Ariana - if you use whatever you feel comfortable with, that’s perfectly okay, and you’ll just get used to being able to recognise the alternative form, which will help you understand radio and TV… :slight_smile: