Hi SSIS, I think the teaching method is fantastic and I have learnt so much in a short space of time. However, I am only lesson 16 and I still cannot introduce myself or say some basic sentences which you may expect to learn as basics e.g. my name is or do you speak English etc.
Is there a method for the choice of syllabus structure?
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I’ve recently completed Level 1 Spanish and though Aran keeps saying I should be having conversations, I don’t have the right vocabulary to even start. I wonder if there might be some helpful sentences in the SSiS Tourist Spanish course? I haven’t looked at it yet so I don’t know.

I’m not particularly worried because I’ve put the Spanish on hold for the moment while I focus on Welsh. (I signed up for the Advanced Welsh for Adults exam), but I’ve seen so many people learn Welsh with SSiW and join in conversations and the sentences are pretty much the same, but I feel at a loss with the Spanish.

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The thing with Spanish is that there is a multitude of ‘learn Spanish’ websites and YouTube videos where you can get lists of those basic sentences, so rather than repeat those, the SSi course gives you structures that you can be flexible with and build your ability to create novel sentences for yourself.

Here’s an example that came up from typing “basic Spanish sentences” into Google: